Projects: 2 June – 8 June 2014

Well, the Summer is starting off with a blast.  Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up.  Here’s what’s going on so you can if you are interested:


  • Floors

Elliott Archives:

  • Finalize


  • Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to be shooting in the gallery with Alec.  We are almost ready to go, but there are always a few last-minute things to sort out.  Both days we will be working an overnight shoot to keep the ambient street noise to a minimum.

Getaway Farms:

  • Having finished the berm, we are moving on to the back roof of the farmhouse itself.  Thursday and Friday we will be removing the roof and laying what new underlayment needs to be laid.
  • Any other time at Getaway this week will be spent tending to anything left of the berm and checking on the lavender, sumac trees, lemon thyme, creeping thyme, persimmon trees, and hardy hibiscus we’ve started in the front beds and in the cold frames out back.

Just IMagine:

  • The kids are going to have to take a back seat to the roof on the farmhouse this week.  We’ll settle in for some help with the cleanup.  Farm life doesn’t have to be inelegant, but it may involve things that are less than pleasant from time to time.

General Tchad® stuff:

  • Email, email, email for folks asking about Summer classes