Mama’s Chandelier (big)

We opened the crate marked “Mama’s Chandelier: BIG” and didn’t know what to expect.

Here is what we had once the dust settled and everything was out on the table:

We put it back together to see what we were working with, and sourced some of the scrolls we were going to need to replace:

It was painted with bronze paint, but under it was fairly intact gold leafing. This was one of those “Huh?” moments, as gold leaf doesn’t tarnish and gilding does…

In any case, we set about with a paintbrush and denatured alcohol to remove the gilding. Once we got it down to the real finish, we looked it up – this wasn’t some rare specimen, and parts were fairly easy to find, so we got permission to have some fun.

We mixed a simple cobalt and thinned it with super-refined linseed oil (straight, not boiled) to paint the recessed parts of the fixture, trying to give it a sense of cloisonné.

We like the finished result.

Now we just need to talk them into buying some drapes to go with it and get rid of those miniblinds…

3 thoughts on “Mama’s Chandelier (big)

  • 13/10/2010 at 16:08

    Wow! This must have taken a month of Sundays to complete! I especially like the blue leafing you did. What inspired the blue crystals? I have seen so many silver chandeliers as of late I find the gold very refreshing. Now the question is…what sort of drapes would go match up to this?

  • 13/10/2010 at 22:33

    We are actually working on the drapery – flattened panels of silk bengaline embroidered in thin gold thread hung from antique walnut rods and rings. We may be able to have a small sample of the embroidery up in a week or so.
    The blue crystals were just hanging around the workroom (of course they would be) and so we were set. There are plans to buy better cuts of swarovski crystals to refract the light a bit better.

  • 05/11/2010 at 22:42

    The blue really sets off the chandelier and make it look interesting.

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