Projects: 23 July – 29 July

This week begins the big two-week work extravaganza at the workrooms!

Here’s what we’re doing:


  • Finish upper Art Deco Painting in stairwell
  • Start on lower stairs and entry vestibule


  • General workroom cleanup and reset for 201-207
  • Floors painted, walls cleaned and touched up, ceilings painted, new blinds made, photography studio set back up, office touched up

Sewing Classes:

  • No sewing classes or people dropping in the next couple of weeks, so it will be unusually quite on that front around here


  • There have been a couple of tropical trees we’ve been meaning to research for growing in zone 7, most recently Sapindus Marginatus, or American Soapberry.
  • We’ll also start some seeds this week so that we’ll have part of the lavender beds installed later this Summer

General Business Stuff:

  • Fall sewing classes registering until the end of August
  • Set up a better business flow plan to make sure the main three aspects of the business flow well with all their various social media and customer obligations.  Essentially a flow chart so that each section gets the attention it needs daily.

And that’s about it – the next two weeks are going top be BUSY.  Hopefully we’ll have something interesting and productive to report back.